How to Increase Immunity in Children

How to increase immunity in children

How to increase immunity in children?

There are many parents who say that our children are actually very weak, and they are growing very slowly.

Maybe it is due to many diseases that they usually suffer. Like kids repeatedly suffer from an infection, a cold, or a cough.

All this happens due to the weak immune system of our children. When our children use to play and they stay active. We use to think that they are perfectly fine, but their inner strength becomes powerful due to nutritional food and a strong immune system.

What is immunity?

The human system has the power to fight diseases on its own, the natural way is said to be the body’s immunity.

Why is immunity important?

Since it is the natural strength of the body that it is the best way to fight against obstacles and is the most natural. Some people have better immunity than others; Such people fall less ill and have better health. Good health always means better development. Therefore immunity is the core of our health and we need to work on it right from the beginning.

Here are some great tips that will help you strengthen your children’s immune system and increases immunity in children.

Tips to increase immunity in children

(useful tips to strengthen the immune system)

*First of all, it is Tulsi. Tulsi is not only popular for purifying the natural air, but it also gives us the strength to fight various diseases, so always plant a Tulsi plant in your home and give it to your children every day.

The second is honey, honey is an antibacterial and antiviral substance that contains many nutrients, so don’t forget to include honey in your child’s diet.

Almonds and nuts are excellent sources of energy. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids, so treat them with nuts.

You can give your children a mixture of honey and Tulsi daily in winter. It additionally improves immunity. It also meets the daily nutritional requirements of children.

*Yogurt or curd contains probiotics that are actually very helpful in boosting your children’s immunity. It protects our digestive system, aids digestion of food, and removes toxins from the stomach, and is also helpful in fighting harmful bacteria. Therefore, don’t forget to add yogurt to your children’s diet for the day and feed them yogurt especially in a stomach ache.

Other helpful tips to increase immunity in children

1. Allowing them to play outside

Let your children play outside your home for at least 1 to 2 hours per day. In this way, they received a good dose of healthy bacteria, which are already present inside their stomach. Healthy bacteria multiply due to play outside, which eventually strengthens the immune system. It is also known that children who use to play outside their home for a few hours remain infection and disease-free. So allow them to play outside and encourage them to do outdoor activities.

*Vitamin D and zinc are two important supplements that are freely available and highly helpful in improving immunity.

To take a sufficient amount of natural vitamin D, take your child to sunlight. It fulfills the daily requirement of vitamin D in our children. Similarly, zinc is present in many foods like cheeses, cashews, almonds, dairy products, pumpkin seeds. Try to include melon seeds, dark chocolate in your children’s diet to increase the amount of zinc.

2. Set a bedtime for your children

It is known that children who use less sleep are more likely to get an infection because lack of sleep appears to decrease white blood cells (cells killing the infection) count, indicating low immune function. So make sure that your child takes at least 8-10 hours of sleep every night.

3. Avoid antibiotics/ Do not pressure your pediatrician

In today’s time, everyone uses antibiotics and the excess of antibiotics weakens our children’s immune system. Whenever your child has a cold, flu, or sore throat, it is a bad idea to urge your pediatrician to prescribe an antibiotic prescription and never pressurize them for excessive medication for a quick remedy.

4. Give your child habit of Cleanliness/hygiene

Get your children a habit of hygiene, as it reduces the extra pressure on our immune system and strengthens it. Therefore, tell them to wash their hands every time before meals, when they come back from the outside, after using the toilet, etc.

5. Breastfeed small kid’s

Breast milk contains cells that improve immunity and white blood cells that fight disease bacteria. This protects young children from diseases such as ear infections, UTIs, allergies, pneumonia, and also helpful in brain development. So if you are a new mom, make sure you feed your baby milk instead of packaged milk.

6. Exercise with your Child

You have to try to get your child to do physical activities along with nutritious food so that his immunity remains longer. Few food items such as garlic, mushrooms, honey, fresh fruits, green vegetables will be added to the child’s diet to maintain the fight against the infection power of your children active.

If your children have hardly got any time to go out of the house, then practice exercise with them. Your children will be inspired to see you exercising. An exercise is known to multiply infection cells in your children which is highly helpful in boosting immunity. Therefore, cycling, swimming are many exercises that improve your children’s immunity.

In this way, your child’s immunity will become stronger along it.


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