Theory of Luck and Business Success by Numerologist J C Chaudhry

Theory of Luck and Business Success by Numerologist J C Chaudhry

Luck is something that does not come to everyone. But what if you can create your own luck?! This sounds strange, how can one create luck for him? You would have heard comments like: “He is a lucky person. Whatever business he starts or takes over, it flourishes”. This happens because of the ‘numbers compatibility’ of that person with his or her date of birth.

For your job, career, or business – you need to know your numbers compatibility. Your numbers can tell you a lot about your career and business success. In fact, you can check your ‘numbers compatibility’ with your business.

India’s most famous numerologist, Mr. J C Chaudhry with more than 38 years of experience in numerology explains Business Numerology. He says that there are 9 important parameters of business numerology. They are calculated based on one’s date of birth and name. Go ahead with these 9 parameters and find the luck for you hidden in numerology:

  1.     What is good for you, your job, or your business as per your numerology chart? (If you are going to start a new business)
  2.     Is your brand name compatible with your name and your date of birth or does it require changes?
  3.     Is your company/business address in harmony with your numbers or not?
  4.     What is the best time – your lucky date, month, year, for you to launch your new business or a new product or service?
  5.     Are you in the right chronological age for your business success?
  6.     Are your business partners compatible with you for your business growth?
  7.     Which employee(s) is suitable for which post in your company?
  8.     Will tie-ups with other businesses become beneficial to you?
  9.     What is your lucky color, which you can use in your business stationery and interiors?

Importance of Name Number for a Business

For a person, whose date of birth (Life Path Number) is 1, the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 will be his or her friendly numbers. So, the person can choose a business/brand name that brings any of these numbers upon numerological calculations. In contrast, if a Number 1 person selects a brand name with the number 6 or 8, it can’t bring luck and success. The person will have to do a lot of hard work and effort throughout his or her life.

Let’s take an example of a few shoe shops in a market. A variety of shoes are sold in these shops, but the crowd is mostly seen in 2 or 3 shops only. Why is it? It’s because of the number of the shop’s name and its compatibility with the number of the shop owner’s name.

 you are a believer, you should get your business numerology checked for your best business growth. Download the FREE numerology app, The JC Nummerro App by J C Chaudhry to get your personal numerology report and brand name compatibility check. Within the app, you can also book an appointment or Ask Question from Mr. J C Chaudhry if need consultation for your business.

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