Valentine’s Day >> Story, Reason, Valentine Week list 2022

Valentine Week list

Valentine’s Day >> Story, Reason Valentine Week List 2022

Every bond of the world is made with love, if there is no love, there is no happiness in life.

Love is never expressed by seeing auspicious times. It is not easy to string love into words; it can only be felt.

Every year 14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day all over the world.

Like the story behind every festival, valentine day has also an interesting story:

Valentine’s Day Interesting Story

Valentine is not the name of a day; it is the name of a Saint who lived in Rome. At that time, Rome was ruled by King Claudius, who wished to become a powerful ruler, for which he had to build a very large army, but he saw that the people of Rome who have family, wife, and children, do not want to enter the army. Then king Claudius made a rule, according to which he banned all future marriages in the country. Nobody liked this rule, but no one was able to say anything in front of the king. Saint Valentine also did not like this and started protesting against this order of the king.

State officials, army men as well as ordinary people came in with him.

Then King Claudius ordered to arrest the saint valentine and hang him. When saint valentine was in prison, everyone used to come to meet and giving him roses and gifts. They all wanted to tell him that they all believe in love.

14 February 269 A.D.  when saint valentine was hanged, before dying, saint valentine wrote a letter for the lovers. He happily died for the people who are in love and plead to keep the love alive, hence from that day 14 February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day in memory of Saint Valentine.

All lovers eagerly wait for this day as this day gives them an official opportunity to express their love with their crush. Valentine’s day, which occurs on 14 February every year, is preceded by Valentine’s Week. Normally Valentine’s Day is the main event between a series of events from February 7 and lasts for a week ending with Valentine’s Day on February 14.

Below is the full Valentine Week List 2022 –

Valentine’s Day >> Story, Reason Valentine Week List 2022

Valentine's Day >> Story, Reason, Valentine Week list 2020

Valentine’s Day Week List/Dates/Schedule/Importance Full List 7th-14th February

(7 February – Rose Day & its importance)

Valentine’s Week begins on 7th February as Rose Day. On this day, the rose is offered as a token of love. We can be familiar with the fact that roses can be of different colors and therefore each color represents different meanings. The red rose represents love and romance while the yellow rose represents friendship. White rose represents a new beginning.

(8 February – Propose Day & its importance)

Propose Day is celebrated on 8th February. It is the second day of the Valentine’s Week list. It is the most romantic day of Valentine’s week as the lover gets a chance to confess love in front of their peers. Even, this day is also a golden opportunity for singles. They can express their feelings about who they like or love.

(9 February – Chocolate Day & its importance)

Chocolate Day is celebrated on 9th February. It is the third day of the Valentine’s Week list. People spread happiness by giving chocolate to their loved ones on this day. Chocolate Day makes your bond special with something sweeter than love chocolate. Gift him or her a basket of delicious homemade chocolates containing cream and truffles.

(10 February – Teddy Day & its importance)

Teddy Day is celebrated on 10th February. It is the fourth day of the Valentine’s Week list. Teddies are the sweetest gift for your beloved. People gift teddys to their loved ones on this day. The main intention of the day is to let him or she knows how cute you find them.

(11 February – Promise Day & its importance)

Promise Day celebrated on 11th February comes fifth on Valentine’s Day Week list. On this day, day lovers promise each other that they will always be together in every thick and thin situation of life. Make the day more special by sending your promissory note with flowers or chocolate.

(12 February – Hug Day & its importance)

Hug Day is celebrated on 12th February. It is the sixth day of valentine’s Week list. Hug Day provides a warm, beautiful expression of love that gives a casual hug that speaks more than words. We usually show our boundless love by hugging someone. Sometimes we hug a person when we are happy with that person or for some other reason. Hug Day is all about providing a hug to your loved one.

(13 February – Kiss Day & its importance)

Kiss Day is celebrated on 13th February. This romantic day is the seventh day of valentine’s Week list. The word love is rather a game of emotions, so when we kiss someone we can feel love and the person can have a look at the soul of love. Kiss day is all about kissing to make your bond stronger.

(14 February – Valentine’s Day & its importance)

Valentine’s Day celebrated on 14 February, concludes Valentine’s Week. Lovers celebrating the day to spend quality time with their loved ones. It is a day of happiness, a joyous zeal to celebrate love and commitment.


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