Wipro COO Bhanumurthy retires

Wipro COO Bhanumurthy retires - Times of India
BENGALURU: Wipro COO Bhanumurthy BM has retired from Wipro, marking the end of a nearly three-decade inning with the company. Bhanumurthy started in the retail and CPG vertical. An alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, he set up the RCTG (retail, CPG, transportation, and government) unit for Wipro and brought in key clients like Nike and Best Buy.
He oversaw business application services, which is by far the largest service line for Wipro. “Wipro has been my home for the past 28 years. Throughout this period, I have felt fortunate to be working in such a world-class organization. I continue to be grateful to Wipro for shaping me as a leader, as a human being, and giving me opportunities to contribute to the best of my abilities and beyond. To Wipro, I owe all that I am,” he said in a note to employees titled “Straight Drive” from the COO.
He said the Wipro he joined in 1992 is very different from the Wipro today, in many ways. “In 1992, I joined a team of a few hundred employees and today we are a strong team of over 200,000 associates. However, over the years, the underlying spirit has remained the same, and the resolve to live the Spirit of Wipro has only become stronger over the period. I am very confident that Wipro will grow from strength to strength and I will continue to bask in the reflected successes of you – both individually and collectively – as an ex-Wiproite,” he said.
“My special thanks to AHP (Azim Premji) and Rishad for taking bets with me, mentoring me, and supporting me throughout this journey. I could not have bargained for better mentors and leaders. I have benefitted tremendously from the values, the habits, the uncompromising integrity, and the respect for people that they have drilled into me, through continuous demonstration in every interaction with them. I thank them for these lessons that will remain with me for the rest of my life,” he wrote.

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